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A B O U T   U S

Laidback luxury is refined, timeless, modern and most importantly livable. Hampton Rowe is committed to creating original, effortless spaces whos essence echo through time and enchants your present day.

As a full service design studio Hampton Rowe is equipped to assist with a wide range of design challenges. These include interior design of residential and commercial spaces, collaboration with architects and builders, selection of finishes, millwork and architectural details, and furniture and décor procurement.

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C R E A   H E N R Y


After graduating Ryerson's School of Interior design Crea rounded out her design education by gaining experience in a number of interior design related fields. These include fashion and staging to design-build. Crea refined her style and design purpose while working on a number of residential and commercial projects with a wide variety of budgets and now uses these experiences to offer exceptional client service. 

Her ever evolving design style is underpinned with an innate desire to create spaces that are comfortable and effortless. She understands the importance of design on peoples daily experiences and mental well-being and is passionate about using her knowledge to better the lives of those around her. 


M O N I Q U E   C L A X T O N




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